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Continuous Casting Mould Tube

The process optimized taper of any mould tube is crucial for continuous casting of steel. This is one important aspect to assure you reliable deliveries.

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1954 SMS Concast introduced the continuous casting technology to the world of steel and always pushed its development according to the market’s ever changing demands.

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Steel is the material of modern age. New variants with customized properties will open up new markets and applications.

Continuous casting mould tube: tapered exactly to your specifications

Continuous casting mould tube design and technology has evolved considerably since Irving Rossi founded Concast AG in the 1950's. As SMS Concast, the Zurich-based company produces continuous casting mould tubes that are an exceptional combination of process know-how, Swiss precision and advanced technology. As a market leader, SMS Concast is ideally placed to address your specific continuous casting mould tube demands.

Continuous casting mould tube: customised to your needs

The right continuous casting mould tube will higly contribute to the billets’ quality in terms of surface, internal structure and shape. At we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to create the right continuous casting mould tube every time. Your products and aims are important to us and we will create a continuous casting mould tube that adheres to your high standards. In a sector where precision and accuracy is vital, you need to know that your continuous casting mould tube is up to the task.

Each SMS Concast continuous casting mould tube is made from high-quality materials using exceptionally precise production methods and the latest CNC technology. We take every aspect of continuous casting mould tube design and production into consideration; surfaces are optimised and each continuous casting mould tube is tapered exactly to your specifications. This enables you to precisely cool and guide the steel strand according to your needs. Apart from mold copper tube we offer a comprehensive range of options and services. Explore these further at

Continuous casting mould tube: maintenance and refurbishment

Maintenance and care of your continuous casting mould tube will increase its lifespan and enhance overall quality and productivity. Each copper mold tube is a financially viable option that will last for many heats with our range of aftercare and refurbishment services. SMS Concast can provide you with a quick but full analysis of your continuous casting mould tube and each spot check includes shape optimisation so that we can recommend the best course of action. If you need to replace your continuous casting mould tube you can rely on an identical product.

Our advanced technology guarantees that every continuous casting mould tube that is a repeat order matches its predecessor perfectly. A high-grade continuous casting mould tube such as those described at will not only increase yield and productivity, it will enhance the quality and overall appearance of your continuous casting mould tube cast products. Furthermore, a continuous casting mould tube is a cost effective solution for plants and sections of any size and you will quickly recoup your initial outlay.

As durable as your SMS Concast: the continuous casting mould tube

The SMS Concast AG has more than 60 years of experience in continuous casting technology. The founder Irving Rossi and Dr. Heinrich Tanner were pioneers who first used the continuous casting process for steel. Over the decades the company has built up a big portfolio. Today we are your steelworks specialist for the continuous casting of long products. For this, we always use the appropriate mould tube and create individual offers for you. In addition to classical mould shapes, complex geometries can be produced. Contact us for any questions and offers at any time without obligation. We manufacture each mould tube precisely according to your wishes. The SMS Concast AG stands up for your project.

Visit us now at to see how continuous casting mould tubes can be a real advantage in your plant or factory. We offer the most stable options available today and we are a world leader in the long-product continuous casting field. We will be delighted to discuss your personal needs, so do feel free to call or email us for advice on continuous casting mould tube design and installation.  

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Thanks to reproducibility our mould tubes fulfill the most stringent specifications. From an economical point of view, it often makes sense to refurbish them – a further task we take over with pleasure.