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SMS Concast mold technology for highest strand quality

SMS Concast has been designing molds since it introduced continuous casting to the steel industry in 1954. In 1991, our CONVEX Technology® mold tubes boosted caster throughput by up to 30% over conventional molds. Since many years now, SMS Concast not only designs but also manufactures mold tubes tailored to your specific needs. We don’t outsource this critical parts, we produce them in-house.

The mold assembly being the heart of every continuous casting machine, SMS Concast offers advanced integrated mold solutions based on the caster requirements and optimized for:

  • Higher casting speed
  • Optimized metallurgical processes
  • Extension of mold service life
  • Improved quality (geometry, surface, internal)
  • Reduced break out rate
  • Increased yield

SMS Concast not only is at the forefront of mold technology developments, but also manufactures mold tubes itself.

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Concast Advantages

  • Metallurgical know how
  • State of the art simulation models
  • Proprietary manufacturing process
  • Mould ReNew Service

Designed and manufactured by SMS Concast

An optimized mold taper with the right surface properties is decisive for successful continuous casting. As mold-maker for long products, SMS Concast knows that every steelmaker’s goal is repeatability and fast delivery.  We also prioritize repeatability in the manufacture of our mold tubes and organize logistic according to your needs.

Repeatable performance

We use latest CNC manufacturing technology to assure that SMS Concast molds conform to the tightest parameters of uniformity. This means that SMS Concast molds offer the most stable casting performance on the market today. We create the precise mold for your needs and reproduce it perfectly time after time, every time. Casting repeatability starts with SMS Concast mold tubes.

Mold renewals

It makes good financial sense to prolong the service life of your mold tubes with timely maintenance and refurbishment. SMS Concast offers comprehensive mold services, starting a quick but complete process analysis to determine shape optimization and the appropriate refurbishment.

SMS Concast delivers worldwide

mold tube, copper tube , Kokille, lingoteralingotière, tubos de cobre, moldes tubular de cobre, lingottiere结晶器铜管, Гильза кристаллизатора…. Where ever you produce, check our special product portfolio and contact our local offices for further information.