United Steel Company (SULB), Kingdom of Bahrain

In Hidd, SULB operates an integrated steel complex covering the complete production chain from pelletizing down to the finish-rolled product. The local concentration of these facilities forms the basis for highly efficient production. The melt shop indludes a flexible combi caster for the production of a wide range of formats – from billets to heavy beam blanks.

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Core equipment steel plant

  • Electric arc furnace, 120 t, 100% hot DRI feeding capabilities
  • Ladle metallurgical furnace, 18 MVA
  • 4-strand continuous caster
  • Alloy addition system for EAF and LMF
  • Fume treatment plant
  • Direct-reduced iron (DRI) plant
  • Hot DRI feeding system

Main technical data

Heat Size 120 t
Steel Grades Rebar grades for H-beams, I-beams, channels, equal angels
Production Route EAF / LF / CCM / RM
Annual Production 900’000 tpy
Semi-finished product 150 sq. 200 sq. , 350 x 245 x 80, 492 x 440 x 100, 680 x 350 x 100
# Strands 4
Radius 18 m, multiple unbending radii