Tung Ho Steel, Taiwan

The minimill with groundbreaking power efficiency comprises a high speed 5-strand continuous caster with the possibility to simultanously cast different section sizes. The minimill produces rebar of 9.5 to 43 mm in bar and compact coil, whereas the melt shop has a capacity 1,200,000 t/y and the  rolling capacity is 800,000 t/y. The Minimill is a best practice example for groundbreaking power efficiency. It minimizes energy consumption by directly linking the melt shop with the mill – through a temperature equalization induction heater. The results: savings of 72,000 t/y of CO2, 410 t/y of SO2 and 225 t/y of NOX emissions.

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Core equipment

  • 120- MVA Electric arc furnace
  • Ladle furnace
  • High speed 5-strand continuous casting machine
  • Reheating furnace for direct hot-charge operation at the rolling mill
  • HSD® High Speed Delivery system
  • VCC® Vertical Compact Coiler

Main technical data

Heat Size 120 t
Steel Grades For screw bar, compact coil, rebar, round bar, ultra-strength rebar (stainless)
Production Route EAF / LF / CCM / Tem RM
Production 1’200’000 tpy, 40-45 t/h per strand
Semi-finished product Rebar 130, 160, 200 mm square
# Strands 5
Radius 10.25m