TimkenSteel Corporation in Canton, Ohio/USA

Jumbo Bloom Vertical Caster

The unique and extremely challenging design requirements and process features of this vertical caster required unprecedented and very close collaboration between the multi-cultural project teams at TimkenSteel and SMS Concast, from the first project meeting throughout the overall project execution time.

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Core equipment

  • Hydraulic – Tandem type (2 cylinders per strand)
  • External M-EMS
  • Provision for future L-EMS and F-EMS
  • Electromechanical stopper rod
  • Plate mold (with thermocouples for auto mold filling and breakout protection)
  • Eddy current type (suspended sensor)
  • Air mist with 3 zones (Size 1) and 4 zones (Size 2)
  • Foot rolls + 2 supporting segments with
  • CONCOR long life guiding rolls
  • WSU with 4 pinch rolls for Dummy bar and strand support + 8 modules for mechanical soft reduction (MSR) application
  • Torch cutting machines  (vertical and horizontal)
  • Level 1 and level 2 process  control
  • Breakout prevention system
  • Hydraulic oscillation monitoring system
  • On-line solidification model)

Main technical data

Heat size 165 t
Steel grades Steel grades for automotive, industrial and energy applications
Annual Production 930.000 tpy
Semi-finished product Jumbo blooms of 460x610 mm and 280x430 mm
# Strands 3 (4)
Radius Vertical