TAEWOONG, South Korea

Biggest continuously cast round steel bloom

The new three-strand caster for big blooms of up to 1000mm diameter by SMS Concast sets a mile stone in steel production history. Together with SMS Concast, Taewoong has successfully designed, commissioned and is now running a caster, with a casting radius of 18 m. This ensures the elongation within the straightening zone remains below permissible values, even in the case of grades which are susceptible to cracking. The result is that 100% of the blooms can be produced without cracks. Moreover Taewoong could reduce their re-stranding times of up to 65% by using the top feeding dummy bar system by SMS.

SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image

Core equipment

  • CONFLOW tundish stopper
  • Tandem resonance oscillation (hydraulic drive)
  • Air-Mist cooling 
  • Insulation tunnel and flameless surface heater
  • 6 double WSU modules with Dynamic Metallurgical Soft Reduction (DMSR )
  • Chain dummy bar for top feeding
  • Automatic torch cutting machines
  • Pile cooling and slow cooling pits
  • SMS Concast Level 1, Level 2 automation

Main technical data

Heat size 100 – 120 t
Steel Grades Carbon steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel
Production Route EAF / LF / VD-VOD / CCM or Ingot Casting
Annual Production 600’000 tpy
Semi-finished product Large blooms (Ø600mm to Ø1000mm)
→ for internal forging facilities
Small blooms (Ø310mm to Ø410mm)
→ also for market demand
# Strands 3
Radius 18 m, multiple unbending radii