Round blooms feature the most homogeneous cross section in terms of both: temperature distribution and internal structure. Material properties for the end product (i.e. round bars for engineering purposes with highest demand on isotropy) are absolutely symmetrical. SMS Concast supplies curved casters for round blooms up to a diameter of 1000 mm.

In continuous casting of round blooms Dynamic Mechanical Soft Reduction (DMSR) is one key feature in order to achieve a sound bloom center and minimized center segregation. The technically advanced and proven DMSR systems supplied by SMS Concast are at the top of the development. Correct deformation forces at the right location in relation to the “mushy zone” in order to compact this area are guaranteed. This results in highest product quality.

Materials high-end applications
Section sizes Rounds: Ø 200 - 1000 mm
Casting Radius 10-16.5m
Nbr of strands 1 to 8
Casting type Closed (powder)
Casting Speeds 0.06 up to 2 m/min