Bloom sections are required in cases where final steel products of the highest purity and flawless internal quality for high-end applications (ultra-clean high carbon wire, special forgings, seamless pipes, ball bearings, stainless steel products, etc.) are to be produced. The same applies to particularly large end products (large axles for heavy goods vehicles (HGV), crankshafts, springs, rails, etc).

Striking features of SMS Concast continuous bloom casters - in order to achieve the required purity and internal quality- are the tundish heating systems, integrated molds (including INVEX® mold technology), an electromagnetic stirrer system (CONSTIR), innovative strand support design, including Dynamic mechanical soft reduction (DMSR) and controlled surface quenching. DMSR is necessity in order to achieve a sound bloom center and minimized center segregation. In addition to the mechanical components SMS Concast also supplies the metallurgical models, such as COOL solidification model.

Blooms can be as well cast on vertical casting machines and may very well replace ingot casting machines.

Materials high-end applications
Section sizes
Side lenght
Square / Rectangular: 200 - 600 mm
Casting Radius 10-16.5m or vertical
Nbr of strands 1 to 8
Casting type Closed (powder)
Casting speeds 0.06 up to 2 m/min