The steel grades processed on billet casters range from simple constructional steel (rebar) to sophisticated special bar quality (SBQ) steel for automotive and other industrial applications, from soft steel wires to pre-stressed concrete wire or tire-cord, as well as stainless steel for wire rod and bars. The end products  range from wire rods of 5.5 mm to bars of approximately 90 mm.

SMS Concast designs highly versatile billet casters, providing greater flexibility in production so that plant operators can react to changing market demands extremely quickly. Together with development of secondary metallurgy, SMS Concast has sparked a revolution in its advancement of near-net-shape casting technology and paved the way for the further development of many plants in terms of the quality and quantity of their products. Continuous casting for billets covers both small and medium round sections as well as same-sized rectangular and square sections, the typical size range of billets is 85 mm to 200 mm;


Carbon & stainless steel grades for rebar & SBQ

Section sizes

(Side length / Ø)

Square / Rectangulars /Rounds :

85 to 200mm

Casting Radius

6  - 8m

Nbr of strands

1 up to 10

Casting type

Closed (powder) for SBQ and open (oil) for rebar

Casting Speeds

2 up to 6 m/min