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SMS Concast
Pioneers of continuous casting technology

SMS Concast is the leader when it comes to questions concerning the process and technology of steel production. The company was founded in 1954 by Irving Rossi to build continuous casting machines and has also been building electric arc furnaces and secondary metallurgical plants for more than 15 years. SMS Concast supports producers from the engineering (design and order handling) through to delivery and commissioning of the plants. Together with the partner companies of the SMS group, SMS Concast builds complete steelworks and rolling mills.

These included, for example, two 6-strand casters for the Turkish steelworks Habas and Cukurova, and for TISCO Jamshedpur in India and G. Boel in Belgium. It was solid decision base to expand the business. In 1987 the company took over Continua S.p.A. in Udine, Italy, meanwhile the headquarters of SMS Concast Italia S.p.A., today part of the SMS group Italy. The entity, since 1994 has been the competence center for electrics and automation (E&A).

SMS Concast supplies its products
to plant operators worldwide

Concast was founded in 1954 by Irving Rossi and Dr. Heinrich Tanner. The aim was to launch the new continuous casting technology on the European market. This earned Rossi his place in history: he was the first person to transfer the casting process from non-ferrous metals to steel. Plant operators were thus able to achieve considerably better productivity than before – a revolution in the steel industry in the middle of the 20th century. Rossi’s legacy is an enduring one: 

Technological innovations such as CONVEX and INVEX technology mean that still today plant operators achieve considerably higher productivity and product quality than they could using conventional solutions. The fact that the moulds can simply be prepared again after use saves both costs and feedstock – a sustainable concept. SMS Concast supplies its products to plant operators worldwide – 11 operations in Asia, Europe and America guarantee the right service. 

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